Frequently Appearing Characters:

My sister, who's about 95% vegan.  She's Crackula's ex-girlfriend and my partner in crime.  I think she, our mother and Crackula are starting a Youtube video channel soon.

He's my sister's ex-boyfriend who lives off of ham and Coca-Cola and other stuff that's really bad for you.  I gave him the name Crackula because he sleeps holding the blankets across his face like Dracula's cape.  He's pretty crazy.  Crazy + Dracula = Crackula  They only dated a year before they imploded, but he's now my mother's best friend.  He doesn't support my sister or I being vegan because he thinks it's too tough to eat at chain restaurants.

Crackula's well-meaning but sometimes misguided parents.  They named themselves HairShare, although spelled differently, by combining parts of each of their names.  Even though I poke fun at their antics, I love them because they have always treated my family well.  It's been nearly five years since Crackula and Anita broke up, but HairShare and I have maintained a friendship.  I just wish they could stop wishing me a Merry Christmas and realize that I'm a Buddhist vegan, instead of treating me like I have freakishly impossible dietary restrictions.

My Mother a/k/a Hollywood:
My mother really should have her own reality show.  She had a stroke 10 years ago and is really out there. She carries plush animal purses wherever she goes, talks to them and makes them bark at people and animals.  She is supportive of my choice to go vegan, but she's a serious carnivore.

My super sexy boricua husband, who I also write about over at my Buddhist blog.  He is the most supportive of me being vegan and is the most likely of everyone I know to go vegan one day.  He and I have had rough times, but I think we've settled into a comfortable point in our relationship where we support each other and try to drop our egos as much as possible.  Given that Ricky is Puerto Rican, I hope to treat him to homemade vegan mofongo un día de estos (or as Ricky always says, "one day soon").