Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vegan Golf Bags, Vegan Golf Gloves, Other Vegan Golf Equipment

The beautiful grounds of Lake Morey Resort, formerly called Lake Morey Inn.

I've recently been thinking about visiting Lake Morey Resort, which was a vacation spot that my family visited every summer of my childhood for golf and every New Year for skiing, ice skating and fireworks. I've also been watching The Open Championship on TV this weekend. All of this has made me wonder about vegan golf bags, vegan golf gloves, vegan golf cleats, vegan golf clubs and other cruelty-free golf equipment. When I was a kid I had all of the golf supplies, most of which was not vegan. I no longer play golf, but my husband does, and I'm not about to buy him leather golf supplies.

Do any of you know of vegan golf equipment or cruelty-free golf brands? Surprisingly, most of the vegan golf bags on amazon are for women. Is there vegan discrimination against men?

From what I read on the Internet, it's nearly impossible to find vegan golf gloves. Any ideas? And is there really vegan discrimination against men? Your thoughts below.