Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vegan News Roundup

Would you eat ladybugs?  I didn't think so, which makes me wonder why people eat other insects.  Maybe because there aren't cute nursery rhymes about other beetles?  Photo used with permission.

When I came back from my honeymoon, I ended up in the hospital with severe bronchitis and dehydration. When it rains it truly pours, but after a round of Levaquin and some matcha green tea I'm feeling much better. I try to avoid taking medication when possible because I think it's bad for animals and can have negative effects on people and the environment, but sometimes meds are a necessary evil.  If you want an inside look about the process of FDA lobbying and drug approvals, just watch the documentary Orgasm Inc..  I watched it on Netflix, and although this film doesn't cover vegan issues, it deals with feminism and the whole problem of drug companies selling manufactured disorders.  Very disturbing.  And speaking of disturbing....

I feel a little disconnected from the news because I was heartbroken, sick, away, and sick for so long, but now I'm back and wanted to share some disturbing (and some good) news in veganland:

Pink slime isn't that different from other meat products. As if you needed another reason to go vegan.  The somewhat good news is that three of the four facilities that produce pink slime are closing.

Starbugs.  Surprise, surprise, not too much at Starbuck's is vegan, and some items contain crushed insects.  Vegan or not, this is gross.  Yogurt, Pop-Tarts and other products contain the same ingredient.  Starbucks has the right idea by trying to remove artificial flavors and colors, but the wrong idea by thinking that a strawberry drink should be flavored or colored by anything other than strawberries.  All the credit really goes to for breaking the story.  This is all the more reason that everyone in Miami should be drinking their coffee from Sweat Records!

PETA thinks Coke is vegan.  Nevertheless, cola is not good for you and almost got a cancer warning.  I know, some more real shockers here.  Apparently some Coke products also use crushed insects.  Eww!

I was delighted when I discovered that the latest issue of Self Magazine features vegan recipes.  I get this magazine for free from a deal I found on the Internet, but most of the time I don't feel that I can really relate to Self, even though I'm probably in their main demographic of 30 to 40-something professional women.  I appreciate that this magazine tries not to be Cosmo, even if it more or less still is, but the above article has made me look again.  Let's hope that Self keeps up the great work of moving toward more vegetarian/vegan features.

I joined Foursquare.  Yes, I am very late to the game, but I think it's a neat way to find interesting things in your city or when traveling.  I also think there is a tiny chance that I may meet interesting people with similar interests.  So, if you are a vegan, Buddhist, from Miami, or just an interesting person, feel free to friend me.   Lol.  See you guys out and about.

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  1. Ew. You can find crushed bugs in makeup too...look for "carmine" in the ingredients list.